Clearing My Skin Once and For All

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Clearing My Skin Once and For All

I come from a long line of people who have struggled with their skin, which is why I wasn't surprised to develop painful cystic acne during my teenage years. However, it didn't make the condition any less debilitating, and I really wanted to learn how to overcome the problem. I talked with my parents about taking me to the dermatologist, and they were extremely supportive and kind. The doctor helped me to tackle my skin concerns, and it helped me to improve my confidence a lot. This blog is all about taking the right steps to improve your skin and knowing how to find a great doctor.



3 Benefits Of Professional Microneedling Vs. Doing It At Home

After reading or hearing about how microneedling can help with rejuvenating the skin, you might have found at-home rollers that are supposed to help you get the same results. In an effort to improve your skin by saving money, you could be debating about buying a home roller rather than going to see a professional for microneedling. A lot of people save money by doing their own at-home beauty treatments, but you should stick to things like doing your own manicures and pedicures rather than doing your own microneedling. Read More 

Preparing For Moh’s Surgery

Each year there are over 5 million cases of skin cancer in just over 3 million people. That is a lot of skin cancer, and each year there are more individuals that will have skin cancer. If caught late skin cancer can do a lot od damage, but if caught early a dermatologist can remove the cancer. One of the most popular ways of removing the cancer is through Moh's Surgery this is a procedure where the doctor takes thin slices of tissue off the cancerous area until there is no more cancerous tissue. Read More 

Why You Need Sun Protection More Than Ever After Skin Cancer Surgery

If you've been diagnosed with skin cancer and have had it surgically removed or are planning to have it surgically removed, you should know that you need to protect your skin. While UV radiation can be dangerous no matter what, it's particularly dangerous following your surgery. Read on to learn what risks exposure to UV radiation can pose for your skin and your healing surgical incision. Increased Risk of Infection Read More 

Various Reasons To Consider Getting Cosmetic Dermatology

If you have been thinking about getting some cosmetic dermatology work done, but you are not sure whether it is something that you would benefit from, then you will want to keep reading. The following are just a few of the benefits of cosmetic dermatology. You Can Reduce The Appearance Of Scars Whether you have one scar or many scars, you might not be happy with the appearance they have taken on over the years. Read More 

Getting Your Mole Removed

Moles can be in terrible places, and they can also be big and unsightly. Not every mole needs to be removed, but many people will opt to remove the mole because they do not like the way that they look. It can be unnerving to get a mole removed because you do not know what to expect. This article is going to outline just a few things to know when you are preparing to get your mole removed. Read More